December 11-12, 2020
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

2020 year -
Turkmenistan – Home of Neutrality

International Conference «Policy of Neutrality and its importance in ensuring international peace, security and sustainable development»



In Turkmenistan large-scale work is under way in order to modernize the national educational system, develop university science and raise it to the level of the developed states.

Science and education are what the people accumulated for thousands of years and passed it down from generation to generation, this is our priceless heritage, the President noted.

The “Law on Education” was adopted in the framework of the large scale support given by the state. The intensive construction of new children’s preschool establishments, secondary schools and higher educational institutions is carried out throughout the country. The latest information and communication technologies have been introduced into the educational system in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of the teaching process. Schools and universities have been equipped with modern computers and multimedia tools of teaching.

In order to execute the Law of Turkmenistan on Education, the Head of the State signed the Resolution on March 24, 2018, having approved the following samples: certificate of secondary education, diploma of initial professional education, diploma of initial professional education with honours, diploma of secondary professional education, diploma of secondary professional education with honours, Bachelor’s diploma, Bachelor’s diploma with honours, Master’s diploma, Master’s diploma with honours, specialist’s diploma with high professional education, specialist’s diploma with high professional education with honours, diploma of further professional education, diploma of further professional education with honours, diploma of improvement of qualification.

The basis for development of education and science initiated and approved by the President of Turkmenistan includes the national programme for socio-economic development for 2018-2024, the programme of development of innovative work in 2015-2020, the programme of training of scientific personnel in Turkmenistan and others.

Turkmenistan steadily improves scientific, technical, innovative and technology cooperation with leading foreign organizations and centers. Today, cooperation with major scientific and educational centers of the world, international organizations and foundations has significantly expanded. Introducing the world standards into educational process, our country increases the collaboration in humanitarian sphere with the UN, European Union. Establishment of fruitful contacts between high schools of the state and leading scientific and educational centers of the world is visually indicated by the realization of different projects under such educational programs as TEMPUS TACIS and other. Joint work is carried out with competent organizations working in Turkmenistan like the UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP and UNESCO. Our state positions itself in the world as one of the strong world powers that harmonically develops in all directions. New historical milestone of comprehensive progress of the country requires steadfast improvement of educational system together with other spheres of the economy.

Turkmenistan gained rich experience in education in the context of current demands. Construction of modern secondary professional and high education institutions provided with latest computers, study and technical equipment, interactive multimedia technologies as well as pre-school facilities and children recreation and health improving centres, expansion of cooperation with international organizations and leading scientific and international centres of the world, improvement of teaching foreign languages demonstrate special attention that the Government pays to fundamental reformation of this system.

Fulfilling the instructions of the Head of State on intensifying international partnership, national scientific and educational organizations and establishments raised the scientific and technical collaboration with Far East, Asia Pacific regions to a new level, including the profile centers of Middle and Near East, Europe and America.  The election of Turkmenistan to the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development for the period of 2017-2020 is one of the achievements enhacing the reputation of our state on the international scientific and educational arena.              

All conditions have been created in our country so that young people, having received an excellent education and upbringing, would worthily serve the country and the people. As President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov notes in his speeches: "Our main task is to grow a highly educated generation of true patriots who know the history of the people, take pride in today's high achievements of their country and strive to multiply the glory of independent Turkmenistan."

Highly modern pre-school institutions, secondary schools, primary vocational and higher educational institutions are put into operation in every corner of the country.      

Accordingly, on the 1st of September 2018, on the occasion of the start-up of the new school year, in the capital, regional centers and far villages new establishment were opened.  Among them, a school for 620 people in the Byorme village of the Baharden province of Ahal region, a school for 1106 people in Kaahka city of Kaahka province and another one in Dushak village with 1050 places.  In Gumdag city of Balkan region, a school with 600 places and another one for 240 places in Serdar province were opened.  A school for 1170 students was openen in Serdar city, while another one for 320 places in Bilal Dyanevskiy province of Lebap region.  A school for 320 students was opened in Ters village of Koytendag province, while a new kindergarten with 90 places welcomed the kids in the Tallymerjen village of Dovletli province.

It is worthwhile to note that similar entities are constructed by the national construction firms in the friendly countries as well in accordance with the initiatives of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.  An example of this is the the opening ceremony in May of a new school built in the Funtovo village of the Astrakhan region of the Russian Federation, where the largest Turkmen diaspora lives.  The school building is a 2-storey educational complex with a total area of over 3.5 thousand square meters which is aimed for 190 pupils.

Quality modernization of educational sphere also introduced topical novelties in school timetable, which together with basic studies includes such disciplines as the bases of economy, cultural heritage of Turkmenistan, world culture, modeling and graphics, information, communication and innovative technologies.  

Due to transfer to the 12 years of school education and in accordance of the Concept of developing digital education system prepared upon the instructions of the President of Turkmenistan, effective measures are realized including the hosting of seminars on digital management and programme support, creation of electronic educational information fund.  The linkage of higher educational institutions to the single educational network is being implemented.  

Decision on the expansion of the spectrum of foreign languages studied by the students was another important step in this direction. Educational institutions with deep study of English, French, German, Japanese languages successfully work in the country.

It is worthwhile to note that in October in the capital settlement of Gurtly, an opening ceremony of educational center Dalchin’s branch was held. It provides various services to the population, primarily in the area of studying the languages, theory and translation practice, etc.  The center provides teaching services of five most demanded languages in Turkmenistan: Turkmen, English, Russian, German and French.   

A joyful event was the traditional presentation on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to all first-graders of the country notebooks with specially installed software. Multimedia manuals were prepared for first-graders and second-graders, who continue to master the school curriculum, using their "electronic assistant."

Yearly victories of Turkmen university and school students at prestigious contests in different disciplines became visual results of innovative changes in educational sphere.  Thus for example, the Turkmen connoisseurs received the highest award, the Grand Prix, at the International Olympiad of students “Amity” on biology, chemistry, physics amd mathematics that was held in India.  In total 21 awards, among which 8 golden and 4 silver were received.  Besides in 2018 the national students became the owners of 99 medals at international subject and topical Olympiads, among which 25 golden, 16 silver and 58 bronze.  A lot of awards are won by young Turkmen in the Internet competitions.    The students were honored by 49 medals in the international intellectual competitions, among which 9 golden, 18 silver, 22 bronze and 17 diplomas of different levels.                            

The state competitions “Teacher of the Year” and “Educator of the Year” are organized on a permanent basis in the country by the Ministry of Education in assistance of the National Center of Trade Unions with the aim of creating opportunities for self-realization and unfolfing of the creative potential of teachers, enhancement of the prestige of their profession, and popularization of best practices.

The events on the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of opening the Institute of International Relations of the MFA of Turkmenistan became very important.  With the aim of perfecting the high school of diplomacy, here the Science and Methodology Center for Sustainable Development Goals was opened where the administrative and technical personnel for the diplomatic service of Turkmenistan is being trained.        

Totally, about 10 thousand students have been accepted to high educational institutions in 2018- 2019 academic year.

Geography of foreign educational institutions where Turkmen youth gets the knowledge expands with every year. Training of our compatriots abroad is also carried out under intergovernmental agreements by the assignment of the Ministry of Education and profile ministries and departments.

In the 2017-2018 school year, thousands of young men and women from Turkmenistan became owners of student cards of prestigious universities of Russia, Belarus, China, Malaysia, Romania, Turkey, Croatia and other countries.

Qualification of teachers who master advanced educational methods and informative technologies are also improved, international contacts of educational facilities of our and foreign countries are expanded. Having established close contacts with prestigious educational and scientific centres of Europe, Asia and America, Turkmenistan achieved considerable growth of its students in these continents.