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‘‘Turkmenhaly’’ state association

At present time, carpet weaving with creative hands of the enterprisers of “Turkmenhaly” state association weaves fine woolen and silk carpets and again restores the unique kind of the very rich spiritual and cultural heritage of Turkmen people. On December 12, 2019, the traditional Turkmen carpet making art was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

One of the wonderful specimen of the Turkmen carpet was found during the archaeological works at the ancient grave on the top of Pazyryk hill on Gorny Altay, 1949.

It is worth noting the fact that Turkmen handmade carpets spread in different parts of the world, starting from the Middle East in the 13th century. This is desribed in the “Living Legend” book on the “Teke gyol”. “The art critic also saw Turkmen ornaments in the pictures on the Venetian, German and Flemish painters… in particular, in famous picture portrait Georg Gisze by Holbein, Teke pattern “gyol” at present known in European art as “Holbein” one, was depicited”. This proves that the Turkmen carpet was created thanks to rich worldview wisdom of our ancestors, and was widespread in ancient times, achieved high artistic skill coming from the depths of the history of the Turkmen people. Thus, the Turkmen carpet is a kind of “ambassador of centuries”.

“Golden Age of Saparmyrat Turkmenbashy the Great” weaved in 2001. It was enlisted to the Guinness Book of the World Records as “The biggest carpet in the world” in 2003.

Good fame of breathtaking beauty and outstanding quality Turkmen carpets have spread throughout the world. Numerous awards, received at the international exhibitions and fairs held in Paris, Montreal, Leipzig, Brussels, Geneva Frankfurt upon Main, service as an evidence for this fact. Turkmen carpets received one “Platinum”, two “Golden” awards, nine golden medals, 1 bronze medal.

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