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Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan

Ministry of Trade and foreign economic relations of Turkmenistan is a body of state administrations of Turkmenistan that is adopting a policy in such spheres as trade, foreign economic relations as well as consumer’s cooperation. In accordance with the tasks assigned on the Ministry effectuates activity connected with glutting the domestic market of country with goods improvement of the trade and public catering organization, material support for national economy, support of the state interest observance in foreign markets according to the international agreements 

In structure of Ministry: 107 markets and 2620 sales outlets; 42 restaurants, 417 cafes, 67 tea houses, and 1261 school canteens. Turkmenistan enlarge the trade-economic relationships with foreign countries and currently participate in different Conventions which guarantee international legal rates. Turkmenistan opened “Trading houses” in some foreign countries.

An example of this the ”Trading House of Turkmenistan” limited liability company in Moscow of the Russian Federation, “The Turkmenistan-Belarussion Trade House” joint limited liability company in the Republic of Belarus, and the closed joint-stock company “Turkmen-Turkish Trading House” in Istanbul, Turkey. Great work is underway to deepen and increase foreign trade and economic cooperation of Turkmenistan with other countries. 

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