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Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan

According to the Concepts of the transition from Turkmenistan to 12 year general secondary education, the development of the digital education system, the improvement  of foreign language teaching, the work of pre-school educational institutions, which is the first stage of the education system, is being improved according to the requirements of the time.

The workers of education system have trainings on raising the professional skips in famous higher educational institutions and centers of our country and abroad. Educational workers organize lessons on methods of teaching, scientific conferences to exchange with their experiences and ideas.

The “Garashsyzlygyg merjen danesi" competition discovers talents of children in the field of their subjects, at exhibitions, on the project work. In 2019, in international subject Olympiads pupils were awarded with 142 medals. They got 37 gold medals, 32 silver medals, 73 bronze medals. In the internet Olympiads they were also awarded with 113 medals. There are 54 golden medals, 23 silver medals and 36 bronze medals. 

The students of higher educational establishments were awarded with 37 medals in subject Olympiad. There got 9 golden medals, 12 silver medals, 16 bronze medals.

Education system plays an important role in our country. In 2019, within the framework of international co-operation the Working Plan for the year 2019 and 40 international agreements were signed between the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and the Population Fund of the United Nations Organization. On the 14th of January 2020, the Working Plan for 2020 on "High quality and inclusive education at early age" between the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and UNISEF and in 2020 the Working Plan on "Developing availability of education on generation health for youth” between the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and the Population Fund of the United Nations Organization were signed. On 20-21January of 2020 within the framework of the 4th session of the inter-government Turkmen-Hungarian Group on economic co-operation held in Budapest the capital of Hungary the Memorandum on Mutual Understanding on academic co-operation between the Turkmen University of Agriculture named after S.A.Nyyazov (Turkmenistan) and Szent Istvan University (Hungary) was signed.

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