Online Exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan

The education, Science, Healthcare and Sports spheres of Turkmenistan

Today, the comprehensive transformations in the sphere of education in Turkmenistan are regarded as one of the most important areas of state policy. The cooperation through education plays a vital role in strengthening and advancing international relations. The workers of education sector are participating to the advanced skills programs in leading institutions of higher education and scientific research centers abroad. 

In the framework of advancing the education sector of Turkmenistan, the issue of training the specialists gains special importance. The high and professional education is improving fast and researches are taking place consistently in our country. 

The level of development of healthcare system is an indicator of living conditions, state and social policy. Vital healthcare resolutions are adopted in our country, as well as a vast work is implemented on the prevention of diseases and application of healthy lifestyle principles. 

The children are relaxing and reinforcing their health in the resort and health centers of high-class built according to the international standards located in the Gyokdere region, National tourist zone “Avaza,” and other regions. 

In Turkmenistan important state and national programs are implemented on strengthening the health of people, improving the sports of high achievements, as well as vital initiatives adopted on the promotion of friendly and fraternal relations between the world nations and countries, including the expansion of international sport cooperation.