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Turkmen State publishing service

The Turkmen State Publishing Service is a public administration body in charge of publishing and printing in Turkmenistan.

There are currently 27 newspapers published in our country, of which the “Turkmenistan” newspaper is published since 1920.

“The Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper is published under the same name since December 13, 1995.

The newspapers such as "Türkmenistanyň Prezidentiniň Metbugat çapary (Press Service of the President of Turkmenistan)," " Edebiýat we sungat (Literature and Art)," "Adalat (Justice)," "Esger (Soldier)," "Nesil (Generation)," " Türkmen dili Turkmen Language," "Türkmen dünýäsi (Turkmen World)," "Galkynysh (Revival)," "Watan (Homeland) ," "Mugallymlar gazeti (Teachers’ newspaper)," “Rich Soil (Bereketli Toprak), “Habarlar (News),” “ Ahal durmuşy (Ahal’s life),” “Turkmen Gundogary (Turkmen East),” “Maru-Shahu-Jahan,” “Dashoguz Habarlary (News of Dashoguz)” and other newspapers are published in our country and reflect the prosperous life of our sovereign state under the leadership of the President of Turkmenistan, including the national welfare policy and achievements.

At present, 29 journals in various fields are published in our country. The magazines "Vozrozhdeniye," "Garagum," "Women's Heart," "Health," "Medicine of Turkmenistan" and other magazines also praise the great work of the President aimed at promotion of peace, unity and solidarity of Turkmenistan and its people, reflecting the history, feelings of national pride and joy, as well as adherence to culture and mother tongue.