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Dashoguz region

Dashoguz region of Turkmenistan covers 15% of the total area of ​​the country and is one of the most densely populated provinces of the country.

The foundation of the region's economy is laid by agriculture and related processing industries. Today, the production of cotton fiber, cotton, vegetable oil, sewing products, carpets and carpet produces, non-metallic building materials is developing rapidly. The presence of agricultural raw materials provides for the development of the light industry of the region, which is one of the sectors intended to export goods.

Dashoguz region's agriculture and farming are the most developed. The main types of agricultural products are cotton, wheat and rice. Due to the presence of highly developed railway and highway system, the region has very close economic ties with other regions of the country, as well as the capability of entering foreign markets.

The presence of historical and cultural monuments and the peculiarity of their natural conditions contribute to the development of tourism. Preserving and transferring its monuments to future generations is an important task for all the peoples of the world. Historical and cultural monuments of the ancient city of Kunya-Urgench, which has endured many historical and social difficulties, were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005. The development of tourism has a stimulating effect on such sectors of the economy as transport, communications, trade, construction, and consumer goods production, and is one of the priorities of the structural transformation of the region’s economy.