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Mary region

Mary velayat of Turkmenistan has rich natural resources. It is an agro-industrial region by specialty. It encompasses 22.7% of the country’s population.

Hydrocarbon resources have a vital role in boosting the growth rate of the economy. Along with previously used gas-producing fields such as Shatlyk and Karachop, the Galkynysh field has been found to have large reserves of natural gas.

Much attention is paid to the development of the electrical, chemical, food and light industries in the region. The main goal of agricultural development in the region is to improve agricultural relations, increase agricultural production through the use of land and water resources, as well as to increase the income of commodity producers in rural areas.

The transport and communication system is an important part of the economy of Mary. Rail and road transport play vital role in the development of transport and economic relations in the region. It is planned to increase the number of telephone numbers to fully provide the population of the region with communication services.

Mary region has the potential to form a modern tourism field. Priority areas for this sector have been identified and implemented. The ancient Merv monuments in the region are distinguished by their architectural features and attract many tourists.