Online Exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan

Ashgabat city

“The City of Love” is one of the most popular names of Ashgabat. The world “love” in the Turkmen language means “love,” “passion.” The word “Abad” means “prosperous, neat,” “.”

Today, Ashgabat is considered as a political, economic, intellectual and cultural center of the independent state by the international community. It has gained great respect through its constructive foreign policy, peace and stability, as well as social and economic reforms. 

The fact that many of the facilities built in Ashgabat have won prizes at international architectural competitions serves as a clear evidence of great achievements of the Turkmen capital that are recognized by the world community.

The city of Ashgabat has a number of architectural records. Among them are the “ Highest Flagpole of the World”; a large fountain complex with sculptures of “Oguzhan and his sons,” “Turkmenistan” Television and Radio Broadcasting Center which is considered to be the “World’s largest architectural image of a star,” the “Alem” cultural and entertainment center, Ashgabat as the City with the highest concentration of white marble buildings in the world, Ashgabat International Airport due to the largest image of “gol” (Turkmen national ornament), the Olympic Water  Sports Center as the World’s largest indoor swimming pool; the image of Ahalteke horse decorating the modern platform of the Olympic stadium were included in the Guinness World Records Book.