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Turkmenbashy Oil Processing Complex

Being one of the most largest enterprise of Turkmenistan encompassing the Seydi oil refining factory, oil base of Kenar for storage and loading, Central administrative board “Turkmennebitonumleri” , trading management on export of oil products, trust “Balkannebitgazgurlushyk” , enterprise “Nebitzawodgurnama” and some cultural – sports complexes Turkmenbashi oil processing complex process oil and gas condensate, receives from it various oil and petrochemical products for national economy and population maintenance and export them to the foreign markets.

The basis assortment of ready production of factory-highly octane non-ethylated automobile gasoline of various marks, aviation, lighting and technical kerosene, liquid oil gas, the hydro cleared diesel fuel, non-polluting diesel fuel ECO-4,ECO-5, lubricant oils more than 30 marks, polypropylene of various marks, the electrode calcinated coke, high-quality road and building bitumen, top internal black oils etc. 

As a result of creation of conditions for modernization of complex of attraction  of the foreign companies “UOP A Honeywell Company”, “Axens IFP Group Technologies”, “BASELL POLOLEFINS”,”DuPont-STRATCO”,”Chiyoda”, “JGC Corporation”, “LG International Corp”,”Hyundai Engineering Co. LTD” and other developed companies, has given the chance to factory of introduction of new technologies in manufacture, to increase industrial force of a complex, to improve quality let of oil products.

Habarlaşmak üçin

Phone number: (8 00 243) 96-2-00


Fax: (8 00 243) 50-4-90

Address: 745005 Türkmenistan, Türkmenbaşy ş.