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Ministry of Industry and Construction Production of Turkmenistan

The industrial entities of the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production are focusing on the production of the building materials and products such as cement, non-metallic materials, metal products, glass, wall materials, building concrete, cement and materials for large-panel buildings, expanded clay, porcelain stoneware, gypsum and engineering products. The manufacture of building materials is carried out in conjunction with the manufacture of equipment and spare parts for devices for the state oil and gas sector.

At state-owned association, innovative technologies are being successfully introduced.  The electronic devices, as well as the computers for initial grades are being designed and produced.  Within the framework of the state program, small enterprises are created for the production of the television gadgets. When operating at full capacity, 100 thousand TVs of various sizes (32, 42, and 55 inches) will be manufactured per year. 

Currently, a lot of work is underway to develop the work of the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production, including the efficient use of its production capacities, renovating outdated enterprises, updating the ground of vehicles and mechanisms, as well as conducting deep and partial repairs at industrial enterprises thus enhancing the export opportunities.

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