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To date, the Air Traffic Control Service serves aircraft of more than 200 world airlines in the airspace of Turkmenistan.

It is important that the large air harbor in Turkmenbashy is closely linked to the intensive development of the seacoast – one of the most prospective regions of the country at the intersection of “Sea, air, rail and road” communication lines connecting Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia – should play a positive role in the development of air services through the intensively developing coastal zone. The new airport complex was originally intended to become an “air gateway” to the National Tourist Zone “Avaza”. In the city of Garabogaz, Balkan velayat, it is planned by 2023 to implement a project on construction of a new modern airport with a capacity of 100 passengers per hour.

Thanks to the confortable aircraft - “Boeing 757-200”; “Boeing 737-800”; “Boeing 737-700” and “Boeing 777-200” aircraft with the Turkmen symbol “Lachyn”, it is carried out the international flights to 14 destinations such as Abu Dhabi, Almaaty, Ankara, Bangkok, Bermingham, Frankfurt, Delhi, Dubai, Minsk, Moscow, Beijing, Istanbul, Saint – Petersburg and Kazan. Also, it is performed by Il – 76 TD cargo aircraft the regular cargo flights to destinations, such as Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Delhi, Bishkek and Urumqi.

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