Online Exhibition dedicated to the 25th anniversary of permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan

Complex of transport and communication of Turkmenistan

The Transport and Communication Complex of Turkmenistan is implementing large work in terms of advancing the digitalization of the country’s economy, embedding digital innovations, building the informational communication bridge of international scope, realizing large scale infrastructural projects of international importance, creating multi branch motorways, improving the multimodal logistical systems, establishing interstate automobile movements, as well as creating modern sea transit system. 

Based on such programs, Turkmenistan has launched its first artificial satellite “TurkmenAlem 52E” to the space thus joining the countries that explore space and progress in that regard. In addition, special attention is paid in our country to the development of local airports. The connection of motorways and railways between the states contributes to the fast development of internal and external markets of Turkmenistan.