December 11-12, 2020
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

2020 year -
Turkmenistan – Home of Neutrality

International Conference «Policy of Neutrality and its importance in ensuring international peace, security and sustainable development»


Turkmen students team “Dostluk” won the Cup “2021 – International Year of Peace and Trust”

Within the framework of World Health Day marked in April every year, on 10-11 April, 2021 in sport complex “Bustan” of Kazan city, there was held mini football tournament for the Cup“2021 – International Year of Peace and Trust”, organized by the Consulate General of Turkmenistan to the Russian Federation (Kazan city) in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports, Ministry on Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation and Kazan (Privolzhsk) Federal University.

Eight students’ teams from Armenia, Russia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, team of African countries and team of Arabic countries participated to the competition. The matches were played in two groups, the winners of which met in the final game.

The main prize - the Cup“2021 – International Year of Peace and Trust” had been won by Turkmen student’s football team ”Dostluk”, which was formed on the base of the Consulate General of Turkmenistan to the Russian Federation (Kazan city). The second and third places were won by the teams of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan respectively.

The sports event was followed by the cultural programme, within which Turkmen students’ cultural-folk group “Druzhba”, as well as the students from Azerbaijan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and African countries performed songs and dances.

The participants of the event mentioned a special role of the foreign and domestic policy conducted by the President of Turkmenistan which is directed to the promotion the ideas of peace and trust in the world, including by attracting youth to physical education and sports, as well as the propaganda of the healthy lifestyle.

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