December 11-12, 2020
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

2020 year -
Turkmenistan – Home of Neutrality

International Conference «Policy of Neutrality and its importance in ensuring international peace, security and sustainable development»


Overview of the speech of the Officer-in-Charge of UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office Cvetan Cvetkovski

(Ashgabat, 14 January 2020)

In his speech, Mr. Cvetkovski noted that Turkmenistan is one of the first countries, which has completed Voluntary National Review of the progress in achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. This review demonstrates an integrated approach of the country to implementation of the SDGs in the sphere of the UNESCO mandate.

Cooperation between Turkmenistan and the UNESCO in the last four years was focused on implementation of the SDGs in the sphere of education, natural, social and humanitarian studies, culture, communication and information. Turkmenistan took active part in development of the SDGs in these directions and is one of the first countries, which officially adopted and included them into national plans and development strategies, Mr. Cvetkovski said.

The UNESCO held its 40th General Conference and adopted the Programme and Budget for 2020 – 2021 in November last year. Subsequently, all programmed sectors and site departments have adopted similar plans for work during the same period.

Tehran Office of the UNESCO is a cluster bureau, which covers four countries from four different sub regions, namely Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Turkmenistan. It allows the UNESCO to develop potential for arrangement of regional and transboundary approaches. Active role of national Commission of Turkmenistan for the UNESCO affairs has become a link in all communications with the government authorities and existing partners.

We also plan some events related to land management based on protection of ecosystems and biological resources, creation of geological parks, the UNESCO representative has informed.

In the sphere of social and humanitarian studies under strategic goals of social integration and building of peaceful and fair societies, our activity in Turkmenistan includes intercultural and inter-religious dialog as a continuation of International Conference for support of intercultural dialog along the Silk Road, which was organized in Turkmenistan in December 2018.

Session of experts in traditional sports and games of intellectual atlas of cultural collaboration along the Silk Road has also taken place in the fields of the forum in Turkmenistan.

In the sphere of involvement of youth, we plan to expand the Contest of Young Ambassadors of the SDGs in Turkmenistan as a continuation of national campaign of Turkmenistan for promotion of the Agenda 2030. Activities for expansion of potential for National Anti-Doping Agency of Turkmenistan are planned in sports and physical education sphere.

As to the education, it is planned to conduct a number of events for expansion of potential in the sphere of technical and professional education; educational monitoring and information systems, use of information and communication technologies in teaching methods and study of information technologies.

Joint efforts in the sphere of natural sciences are concentrated on enhancement of role of researches, science, technologies and innovations in stimulation of economic development.

In addition, a number of events are planned on enhancing the potential of preserving the cultural heritage along the Great Silk Road, for embedding the management of sustainable tourism into the plans of managing the heritage objects, provision of security and risk management in museums, protection of non-material cultural heritage, etc.   

Noting the viability of multilateral collaboration between UNESCO and Turkmenistan in the coming future, Mr. Cvetan Cvetkovski expressed confidence that the outcomes of today’s Conference will give vital impulse to achieve a more successful and fruitful dialogue.